The Founding Team

Who We are?

Aumnio is a startup founded in July of 2016.

We build innovative healthcare technology:

We have a very tight knit workforce.
Our mission is to develop tools to increase accessibility and collaboration for healthcare professionals. On those principles we've developed Aumnio, a platform with the goal to give every physician the ability to access a community of practicing physicians nationwide to tackle unique problems.

It’s About You.

Our Goal is to empower the physician. The modern workflow offers very little time to monitor developments within the community. Our service helps provide convenience at the point of care. At Aumnio we’re dedicated to our user experience. Our service is and will always be free to use.

We're always looking for feedback, so please contact us.

When to Use?

1. At the Point of Care.

2. For Clarification or Collaboration.

3. If your looking community insights.

What's next for Aumnio?

We're constantly expanding our services and reach, Lookout for our mobile application. If you have any feedback don't hesitate to email or even tweet us.